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How it Works

PeerPower empowers students, parents and teachers by showing students how they compare to their peers.

Here's how it works. Remember that letter you received with your child's standardized test scores?

Go get it. It's probably in a file cabinet or folder with all your child's school stuff.

Can't find it? Just email/call/stop by your child's school and they will send/give you another copy. If you need to look for it it looks like this (2016 UPDATE: We now have PeerPower Percentile Reports for SOL tests taken in every school district in Virginia, PARCC tests taken in every school district in Maryland, and MCAS tests taken in every school district in Massachusetts !):


Once you have that letter, everything else is easy. Just click Find Percentile Reports, and on that page select your state, then :

  1. Your State should be pre-selected (live in another state? - contact us and have us add your state!)
  2. [Your Child's School District] for School District 
  3. [Your Child's School] for School
  4. [The Test Your Child took] for Test (for example, from the above letter, you would select Algebra 1 SOL (End of Course))
  5. Click the Find Percentile Reports button!
  6. In the results, use the next button to find the Report with your child's score - click on that online percentile report.
  7. Repeat for all the tests your child(ren) took. To see all percentiles purchase access by clicking Get Access Now!.
  8. Enjoy getting rid of that uneasy feeling you have in the back of your mind - how does my child's score compare to his/her peers?

Want to see an example of what you'll get? Take a look at a Sample Report!

Found your letter and ready to get started? Head on over to the Find Percentile Reports page.

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