Q: Don't PeerPower Percentile Reports contribute to our already overly competitive attitudes and society?

A: At some point many families have conversations with their students about how the world works - and part of that means that your student will be compared to their peers. Does that mean when that comparison happens your student always has to win? Of course not. However, it's safe to say at some point your student will be compared to peers in a situation that matters to them and they will want to stand out compared to those peers. Whether it's when they apply for an internship / magnet school / college / graduate school / job / loan, start a business, or even when appealing to a potential significant other! Does this mean they should live their life constantly comparing themselves to their peers? Again, of course not. Every family will decide on an individual basis in what parts of their life a student will want to stand out compared to their peers. School and standardized tests are a way to introduce this concept to our students and to give them an opportunity to practice at it. But it's up to you to decide whether and when that conversation happens.